Release Notes

2008-07-10 - 4th Anniversary edition

Required client version: 2.28


Added Knut's, Nielenoss's and Flying Cargodisks Added Cauldron Workshop Added Gift of Velocity Added Primal Health Added Dragon Tool Claws Added Engraving, Energized Azulyte, Laminate, Imbued Brick Updated all Cargodisks to reflect the new speed limits and weights Updated all Cargodisks teleportation rules Added Death Point fade time to Beef Kirasanct Fixed a typo affecting several Food Formulae Fixed a long standing bug regarding Banners and Techs from all tiers Renamed Armor Dye Kits to Armor and Scale Dye Kits Renamed (tiered) Pottery Shop to Pottery Workshop Removed Oak Boards from Saris Manor House Removed (simple) Pottery Workshop Some database housekeeping
Updated by Arcat, Kala and Arcat.
Kudos to Piira, Zynex, TelShyia, Soraii, Illana for feedback/helping out!

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Download Latest Version