Known Issues

HCC is now using Chaos-Shard as source to extract game-data. This is gathered from player logfiles, some rare forms and techniques may not yet have been acquired.

Database Issues
  • Weapon & Tool Dye Kits (Techniques) are missing and therefore can't be applied to weapons
  • All Regal Repair items and Banners lack effect-description
  • Some Tiers are missing in a Technique, such as some of the Boons
  • Some Components lack bulk-size
  • Missing Forms: "Journeyman Spell: Shining Blades"
  • Missing Techs: "Kicker: Shock of Fire III", "Kicker: Shock of Ice III", "Defense: Spirit Webbing", "Adventure: Dismissal", "Verdean-Tipped (?)", "Merrasat's(?)", "Bountiful Embrace(?)" and "Adventure: Animal Damage"
  • Coin and hoard values of all Cargo gear is outdated
  • Icons of Foods are outdated
  • Maybe some other rare forms or techs are missing.
Client Bugs
  • Ingame Blood Bolt spell accepts techs of the same tier+1 (I -> I and II, II -> II and III, III -> III and IV, IV -> IV and V). This behavior is currently not supported by HCC.
  • If the Formula Database is currently filtered, you can't select an order item that doesn't appear in the filter (via the orders window or the Quick Item option): This was implemented so that the filter would not be lost as you add items based on it. The workaround is to either select 'All', or any other from the Category list.
  • The Effiency Level Guide does not take into adjustments to the skill levels required due to the addition of techniques
  • When I recache (or live update) the database, some of the icons are not displayed anymore: This can sometimes happen. To correct this, exit the application, restart and perform another recache (From the Toolbar->Options->Settings->Recache Database).
  • When viewing a report by sub-components, if a sub-component exists as part of two components, both get updated: The current system of allocating quantities to components is kept simple so as to be usable. Unfortunetly if you make it so that individual common sub-components can be set you would need a more complex way of setting how they fit together when you switched to a non-subcomponent view. In the end it was decided to keep this flaw as most users would not be interested in recording subcomponent amounts.
Development Notes
  • None.
List updated: May 3rd, 2009 - 23:28 (+0200)
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