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HCC is free of charge and does not contain any Spyware, Adware or Dancing Dwarves. Each release is Virus Checked to be clear of any known virus. If you scroll further down at this page you can additionally download older releases if you like to.

2022-04-08 - HCC v2.31

Download HCC_v2.31.exe - 6.16 MB (Mirrors)

Includes 2022-04-08 database (Release Notes)
No Database Update available.
The latest client (v2.31) is up to date.

If you are interesting in using older versions of Horizons Crafting Calculator you can download them here. Please note that almost all links below lead to unsupported versions. Download and install at your own risk.

To download the latest, most stable version use the download link above.

Archived Versions (v2+)

2009-03-18  HCC_v2.30.exeRelease Notes
2008-10-31  HCC_v2.29.exeRelease Notes
2008-04-22  HCC_v2.28.exeRelease Notes
2007-09-19  HCC_v2.27.exeRelease Notes
2006-03-07  HCC_v2.26.exeRelease Notes
2006-01-15  HCC_v2.25.exeRelease Notes
2005-12-19  HCC_v2.24.exeRelease Notes
2005-12-18  HCC_v2.23.exeRelease Notes

Archived Versions (v0.2x)

2005-09-03   -   
2005-04-09   -   
2005-02-05   -   
2004-12-17   -   
2004-12-14   -   
2004-12-01   -   

Archived Databases (v2+ only)

DatabaseContentsClient*  Plugins and more!v2.30Release Notes  Plugins!v2.30Release Notes  Spring Updatev2.29Release Notes  Harvest Fall Release!v2.29Release Notes  Proper Epic Rarities!v2.28Release Notes  Epic Rarities!v2.28Release Notes  4th Anniversary editionv2.28Release Notes  June Updatev2.28Release Notes  Reunited!v2.28Release Notes  Proper Christmas editionv2.27Release Notes  Christmas editionv2.27Release Notes  Kala's Delicious Treatv2.27Release Notes  Resurrectionv2.27Release Notes  Lair Updatesv2.26Release Notes  March Updatev2.26Release Notes  February Updatev2.25Release Notes  Technique/Lair Updatesv2.25Release Notes  Technique Updatesv2.25Release Notes  New Year resolution: Cleanup and add some requestsv2.25Release Notes  First Public Releasev2.24Release Notes

* required client version
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Download Latest Version