Hail and welcome to the Homepage of Horizons Crafting Calculator.

HCC is a Windows Application for the Fantasy MMORPG game Horizons a.k.a. Istaria which allows it's Players to browse through the huge ingame item/formula, technique and components database, create orders as well as manage a crafter profile. HCC is the choice of several hundred players and is actively developed (with a few breaks) since over 16 years.

Version 2 of this utility is much improved upon, with lots of new features.
  • Up-to-date. Formula and Technique databases are derived from in-game logs, to ensure the information mirrors the game as closely as possible.
  • Complete Client rewrite. The HCC application is now much faster, with a smaller footprint. Download is 2mb, main application 450kb only.
  • Flexible. The vast majority of the interface can be resized and hidden, to suit whatever system/screen used.
  • Live Update. HCC now has the ability to request the latest version of it's database on-demand from the internet.
  • Search. Find the perfect gear for your Adventure/Craft School, lookup Formulae that may hold a specific technique.
  • Ingame Support. Publish Orders ingame via Clipboard and organize your Trophies during hunts (windowed only)
  • New Features. Includes many frequently requested ideas not included with the original version (except dancing dwarves).
Go get it! Download latest version
Download Latest Version
Download Latest Version