Support / Report A Bug

Thank you for accessing our support page.

If you happen to bump into a bug please let us know by creating a post here:

Official Istaria Discord Channel (opens new window)
Please use the Modding channel for now.

Please include the following information into your post:

- HCC Version number*
- Date of the Database*
- Operating System (Servicepacks, etc.)
- Horizons installed yes/no

* you can see these values at the top of the main window.

Describe as good as you can what's wrong and how it should be. If you found a database bug (e.g. a Technique uses a different Trophy ingame than in HCC) please include also the corrected Trophy in your report - this helps us a lot.

Please note that the people behind HCC are players like you, so keep in mind we cannot work 24/7 to ensure HCC is fully bugfree and things get fixed the day they get reported.

If you happen to have a Question how-to use HCC please ask first some mates of yours ingame, many use HCC and can give you a much quicker response than we can.
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Download Latest Version