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HCC's windows can be arranged however you like, and you can make HCC remember your choice of layout.

You can do this by dragging the windows to the desired positions and using the 'Window' menu, either on the toolbar or on each window.

Note: HCC only saves changes to the layout if instructed to do so. If you re-arrange your windows and forget to save the positions, the layout will be lost the next time you launch the application.

1. Customization

Always on Top: This option allows you to set a specific window to always appear on top of any others. This is very handy if you use HCC whilst playing Horizons in windowed mode.

Remember Position: Writes the current window position to the Windows registry.

Restore Saved Position: Reloads the last saved window position from the Windows registry.

2. FAQ

Q: How can I save all window positions at once?
A: Go to the toolbar and select: Options -> Window -> All Windows -> Remember All Positions.

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Download Latest Version