Online Manual: Hotkeys

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1. Hotkeys

F1    Orders
F2    Reports
F3    Formula Database
F4    Technique Database
F5    Components Database
F6    Profile Manager
F7    Live Update

F12    Refresh Report

CTRL-N    New Order
CTRL-O    Open Order (Load)
CTRL-S    Save Order
CTRL-A    Save Order As..
CTRL-P    Print (opens Reports window)
CTRL-X    Exit

2. Global Hotkeys

CTRL-Shift-A    Toolbar Window
CTRL-Shift-F1    Orders
CTRL-Shift-F2    Reports
CTRL-Shift-F3    Formula Database
CTRL-Shift-F4    Technique Database
CTRL-Shift-F5    Components Database
CTRL-Shift-F6    Profile Manager
CTRL-Shift-F7    Live Update

3. FAQ

Q: The global hotkeys don't work!
A: Chances are another application is using the same global hotkeys.

Q: I use application XYZ and when I press a hotkey an HCC window pops up. How can I resolve this?
A: Go to Options/Settings -> Configuration and disable global hotkeys.

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