Release Notes

2006-01-15 - New Year resolution: Cleanup and add some requests

Required client version: 2.25


Scale Forms now use Scalecraft instead of Dragon Scalecraft Split Food into Mundane and Mystical Added Lairshaping IV Duplicate components culled Merged Syd's and Matecuss' Databases Boons are now in a own category (Craft - Boons) Added Adventure Skill gains to Statistics Updated the Scarab Jewelry Updated Sand to use Earthencraft instead of Stoneworking


Correctly handles tier level keywords (such as banners) First born boon no longer goes into Craft Category Dyes no longer appliable to 0 tech'd items Craft skill for tech'd spells is now correct


Downgraded Installer compression algorithm (better compatibility)
Updated by Syd, Matecuss and Arcat.
Kudos to Sunuke, tjl, Fourwinds, Rowr and Gotharic for feedback/helping out!

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Download Latest Version