Release Notes

2007-10-20 - Kala's Delicious Treat

Required client version: 2.27


Updated Vielo prices Added Blood Skulk Fin, Energy Bone Splinters, Fiery Dire Wolf Fang, Forest Oastic Sac, Greater Water Golem Droplet, Lightning Ogre Jawbone Changed from Looted to Gathered on Animal Hide, Maggot Hide, Raw Beef, Raw Chicken, Raw Gruok, Raw Mutton, Raw Venison Removed Brown Spider Leg Hair Updated tri-cut resource requirements Updated chamber resource requirements (except for halls and murals) Changed Cinnamon to Ground Cinnamon for Pumpkin Pie and Candied Apple Changed Pumpkin Pie to require Adobe Cooking Pie Pan Added Cooking Knife Fixed Bronze Salvage Awl requirements Fixed Tier 4 Lunus and Helian Gemworking chambers Fixed Expert Fabric Construction Tapestries Fixed Repeating-Infos on all Spells
Updated by Kala and Arcat.
Kudos to Kimchee, Longshanks and tramsan for feedback/helping out!

Download Latest Version
Download Latest Version