Release Notes

2008-04-22 - Reunited!

Required client version: 2.28


Added all Confectioner revamp formulae Added Preparing Tier 1-3 Added Human Storehouse Updated all Components Updated requirements on Confectioner tools Dragon Claws will now accept Tool Socketing Dragon Head Scales will now accept Jewelry Socketing Added Tier VI Gems Satyr Scales no longer allow techs Some database cleanup


Added automatic update check Changing quantities at the report screen with Shift/CTRL adds +10/+100 Report Bonuses calculates the sum of Death Point time reduction Added Ctrl-F hotkey to search for formulae Removed Unity from player profiles :( Changed tier selector: Hold down Shift to enforce a tier change Fixed sticky quantity when adding a new item Tweaked layout under Vista Fixed the long standing Alt-Tab issue


Added support for non-Adminstrators Updated Readme.txt and License.txt files
Updated by tramsan, Kala, Piira, Kala, tramsan and Arcat.
Kudos to Chasing, Malachite and gems for feedback/helping out!

Download Latest Version
Download Latest Version