Release Notes

2008-10-31 - Harvest Fall Release!

Required client version: 2.29


Added (proper) support for rare items Added Windows 7 compatibility Added product search (Ctrl-F) Changed formula search (Ctrl-Shift-F) Removed defunct NA mirror The whole toolbar window is now draggable (improves usability in Vista)


Added Cocoa Nibs, Garlic Powder, Ground Barley, Ground Cinnamon, Onion Powder, Rubbed Cilantro, Sugar Added Hay Stack and Leaf Pile decorations Added Helian/Lunus Dragon Transmutation chambers Added T6 Blighted Cut Gem, T6 Blighted/Tainted Essence Orb Adjusted Glass Vials requirements and items per batch Renamed Water Golem Droplets to Water Elemental Droplets Blight Resistance and Spirit Ward now got Icons Yew Round Cross Shields now require Veteran Abomination Chest Skulls Added effects to all Bloodthorn items Added effects to all Reklar items Fixed Granny Nuffle's Festival Cookies Formula Fixed a typo in all food related xmls Fixed resource requirements at Murals Removed misplaced dragon scales from construction category
Updated by Arcat and Kala.
Kudos to Dakoren, BlackPhoenix, Firebrand, Guaran for feedback/helping out!

Download Latest Version
Download Latest Version