Release Notes

2009-02-25 - Spring Update

Required client version: 2.29


Added Plot Banners Added Promote Intellect Added Imbued Essence Orb Added Gnomekindle festival treats Added Gnomekindle celestial robes Added Adventure: Eminence Added Adventure: Primal Vengeance Added Adventure: Vital Defiance Added Spell: Primal Flash Added xGenerate Health Formula Added icons for leafpile, transmutation chamber and lair murals Updated all Vielo/Nadia prices Adventure: Life I, Defense: Block I, Defense: Life Ward I, Spell: Nature Damage I, Spell: Numbing I and Spell: Primal Damage I now require Weaker Skeleton Skull Adenture: Spirit I , Craft: Salvaging I , Defense: Primal Ward I and Spell: Scorn I now require Grulet Bristles Adventure: Blight I, Adventure: Undead Damage I, Craft: Crystalshaping I and Defense: Blight Resistance I now require Weaker Ghost Ectoplasms Craft: Cooking I, Craft: Preparing I, Defense: Crush Resistance I and Spell: Critical Damage I now require Lesser Water Elemental Droplets Craft: Spinning I now require Jungle Crawler Leg Hairs Adventure: Primal V, Defense: Spirit Resistance V and Spell: Junction V now require Veteran Zombie Fingers instead of Zombie Werewolf Skulls. Craft: Salvaging III now requires regular Werewolf Hide Corrected resource requirements of t6 Human Library Corrected Bulk/Item stack of t4 Human House Banner: Tempest now uses Nature-Imbued Essence Orbs Banner: Volcano now uses Flame-Imbued Essence Orbs Renamed Zombie Werewolf Skulls to Veteran Zombie Ribs Renamed Water Elemental Droplet to Greater Water Elemental Droplet
Updated by Arcat, Kala, Guaran and Matecuss.
Kudos to Guaran, Dakoren, Charys, Velea for feedback/helping out!

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Download Latest Version