Release Notes

2009-03-19 - Plugins and more!

Required client version: 2.30


Spell: Primal Flash now uses Splinter of Flame-Bone Imbued Armor Splinters renamed to Imbued Blight Essence Smash III, Energy III, Craft: Fletching III, Defense: Crush Ward III, Defense: Primal Resistance III and Spell: Fortify III now use Crushing Ogre Club Splinters Augmentation III now uses Resistant Fyakki Eyes Blight III now uses Greater Skeleton Skulls Ice III now uses Ice Golem Shards Nature III and Spell: Concentrated III now use Mountain Wolf Fangs Craft: Cooking III now uses Ice Pygmy Ears Craft: Leatherworking III and Craft: Tanning III now use Greater Blight Bindings Defense: Parry III now uses Redbacked Tarantula Eyes Defense: Pierce Resistance III now uses Redbacked Tarantula Eyes Spell: Freeze III now uses Ice Ogre Jawbones Flame III now uses Citrine Golem Chip a rather than a Werewolf Bone Defense: Slash Ward III now uses Oak Treant Knot and Desert Wolf Fangs Craft: Salvaging III now uses Greater Blight Bindings and Green Necrofly Wing Craft: Jewelcraft III now uses Citrine Golem Chip and Gold Golem Fragments
Updated by Arcat.
Kudos to Dakoren, Guaran for feedback/helping out!

Download Latest Version
Download Latest Version