Release Notes

2022-04-08 - Homecoming

Required client version: 2.31


Database updates are once again hosted on the official HCC website (If you re-install HCC on top, Live Update will fix itself) Fixed icons for Ponds, Wheelbarrows and Human Clock Tower Fixed icons Jewelry - Repair, Crystals and Gift scrolls Renamed Shards to Crystal Shards Removed orphaned images


Improved main toolbar for Windows 7 and newer You can now minimize HCC via File/Minimize or by pressing CTRL-M Hint: You can still switch to the horizontal mode Fixed gamepath detection Older database versions are now considered downgrades Fixed long standing issue with windows refusing to close Speculative fix for a windows-redraw issue (white rectangle) Live Update now uses HTTPS encryption (Windows 8+ only) POD Plugin: Replaced curl with a custom Uploader (Windows 8+) POD Plugin: Removed submission of email-address (GDPR)
Updated by Arcat, and Cegaiel.
Kudos to Cegaiel for feedback/helping out!

Download Latest Version
Download Latest Version